Who we are

“The perfect book is on the shelf at the top,
in the corner, just within reach of your grasping hand.
The unknown unknown, then that will answer every question you didn’t know to ask, just at the back of the bookshop.”

The Unknown Unknown. Bookshops and the delight of not getting what you wanted
Mark Forsyth

Gian Paolo Uccelli and Raffaele Occidente have been friends for over 30 years and their lives have crossed many times over, sharing the profession of graphic designer and art director between Rome and Milan. Then, in 2000 they decided to combine their experiences by starting a communication consulting firm in Rome. In addition to his experience as a graphic designer and publisher, Raffaele immediately brought into the studio his passion for art, photography and design books, for curious books and for real rarities, highlighting his attitude for finding books that cannot be found, and in looking for spaces to place them.

Then, as it often happens, the passion of Raffaele has been transmitted to Gian Paolo and the books have taken over on time and above all on space, and the consulting firm has become an online bookshop with its thousands of volumes, spanning from architecture to art, from graphic art to posters, from industrial design to photography, from first editions to artist’s books.All (or almost all) strictly out of print, rare or forgotten.

Some even unknown.